In early May, Oukitel announced to release the Mid-range Smartphone Oukitel K7, which is said to be equipped with a 10000mAh battery. It is featured by a 6.0 inch screen that the screen ratio ups to 18:9, 4GB RAM and dual rear camera, and the main sell point is the 10000mAh with the help of the original 9V/ 2A. Although it is not as fast as the 5V /5A applied on the Oukitel K10, we still wonder the time it will takes to charge the 10000mAh battery full.


According to the current software test, K7's 10000mAh battery can be charged full in 3 hours and 40 minutes by a 9V/2A charger. In the video, it shows that with the 9V/2A charger, the K7 only charges from 1% to 2%; however, it supports about 2 hours of phone calls. Charging for 5 minutes and talking for 2 hours, this is what the 9V/2A charger can do on a 10000mAh battery Smartphone that just as we tested the battery performance of the OUKITEL WP5000.

Then it was charged for 15 minutes and the power from 1% to 6%. However, it did not pass the phone call test but called through Wechat video call, for the screen of the K7 is the main power consuming item. Therefore, when you do not use it, it is better to turn off the screen to save more power.

The K7 has not released yet, but it begins to accept coupon code subscription that there is a chance to buy it with the price of $99.99 that is much cheaper than the Oukitel U18 As it will be released in June, it is the best time to scribe it now. More detail information, please click at here: