It is very popular for the mobile with the screen design like the iPhone X, and many manufactureres use this design to make the screen looks bigger although there are still many customers prefer the design before. The new machine of the Oukitel K8 is a kind of machine with the before design, and it is said that the K8 will built in a 5000mAh battery in order to make it to the next popular version.

Oukitel K8

It is equipped with a 6.0 inch FHD screen that the screen ratio ups to 18:9. Thanks to the full display technology, the K8 will achieve a screen-to-body ratio of 82.4% to achieve a bigger usable area. What more important is that the K8 will use the Japanese AUO brand A+ quality LCD and Japanese Asahi glass for the touch screen. In addition, it is the same as the new Oukitel K7 that will also use a warm-colored LCD screen to protect your eyes and keep you in good mood.

What's more, there is a 3-color notification LED at the top for notification with the help of the 3.5mm earphone port that you can listen to music and enjoy your free time. The K8 uses polycarbonate as the battery cover, but thanks to the 3-layer lacquer and a layer of UV cellophane coating, it has a metallic sheen that keeps the phone clean fingerprints or perspiration that the fingerprint is placed on the back side with the help of the Sony camera that the pictures will be beautiful like the Oukitel K10.

It is the best choice to buy a the OUKITEL K8, for it is equipped with big battery, generous design, high resolution display Sony 13.0MP camera, face and fingerprint unlock etc., and it looks elegance and the performance is excellent like the mobile of the Oukitel OK6000 Plus. Last but not least that the K8 is sais to be released at the end of July, more detail information you can look at here: